Film/video is the medium through which a significant part of our lives is recorded – it is clearly the 21st century way to write something down. So we tell stories, promote businesses and products, entertain, champion causes and bring current events into our living rooms, cars and even onto our wrist.  The impact of film is significant because not only are the words recorded but the non-verbal (where 90+% of our communication lies) is recorded as well. Now the passion is seen and all these lend themselves to a greater understanding of the setting and circumstance within which the recorded events are taking place.  Where not so long ago one would have to wait until the evening news to see anything we can now watch as it happens in real time. And even better for some of us, we can watch it again and again over time because it was memorialized via film. There are, no doubt, hundreds of reasons why you might need my services and depending on the size and scope I would no doubt love to do them.


Website Videos

Today almost every business, even small business, have websites and need moving pictures to tell there story in a compelling and memorable way


The growth of cable has made TV marketing relatively inexpensive. A 30 or 60 second commercial that is made once, can be used many thousands of times.  It is often more effective at telling a story because of the size of its image and because of the fact that adding sound and filming in real locations creates a more realistic story. 


Family gatherings, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings

Documentaries & Short Films

Whether it is to champion a cause, memorialize history or current events, tell a story or to literally document a policy, procedure or process film/video is more effective, longer lasting and in many cases less costly than previous mediums for doing the same.

Aerial Services

We provide a wide range of Aerial Services from Real Estate to Narrative & documentary work.